Botox FAQs - Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Dr. Michael Horn M.D.
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Botox FAQs - Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Dr. Michael Horn M.D.

Posted on Aug 27 2018

Botox FAQs - Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Dr. Michael Horn M.D.

Fresh, young-looking skin is something for which many people strive, and opting for Botox in Boca Raton is one way to achieve this. However, Botox may be intimidating if you don’t know exactly how to approach your problem areas. At the Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we can help transform the look of your face. Here are many commonly asked questions we get regarding Boca Raton Botox.

Can Botox Help Prevent Wrinkles?

Yes! Stubborn forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet are easily erased due to the highly purified toxins in Botox. It is often beneficial to help lift the corners of your mouth or soften smoker’s lines around the mouth. Talk with our doctors about what areas you want to smooth.

Will It Make Me Look Frozen?

A fear that many patients have is that they will look permanently frozen after Botox. Rest assured that when it is administered properly, Botox will give your face an appealing look. Our doctors will work with you to determine how much Botox is needed based on your muscle size.

Is It Going to Hurt?

Because Botox is administered via an injection, it can be painful. However, the needles are small and topical anesthesia or ice can be placed on your skin to help numb the area.

What Are the Side Effects?

Don’t let the minor side effects of Botox scare you away from getting it. They are typically short-lived and include things like bruises or puffiness.

If you’re interested in getting Boca Raton Botox, schedule an appointment at the Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa! Feel free to contact us with further questions as well.

From the initial consultation to the final follow-up exam, Dr. Horn and his staff provides compassionate treatment tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual. Dr. Horn’s mastery and surgical skill in performing various face and body procedures, his dedication to patients’ safety, combined with his focus on unparalleled care and attention, make him one of the most sought-after surgeons in the Midwest. At his clinic, surgical options are paralleled by an array of non-invasive treatments and advanced technologies designed to help you rediscover your beauty potential.

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