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For FTM Top Surgery in Boca Raton, trust board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn for a seamless fusion of surgical expertise and welcoming compassion. Dr. Horn utilizes modern, innovative, and safe techniques to ensure natural-looking and completely personalized aesthetic outcomes.

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What is FTM Top Surgery?

FTM Top Surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to change the chest appearance of transgender men or individuals assigned female at birth who would like to achieve a more masculine chest contour.

This surgery is often a crucial step in a transgender person's transition process to match their physical appearance with their gender identity. A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Horn can utilize advanced surgical mastectomy techniques to remove breast tissue, minimize scarring, preserve nipple sensation, and achieve optimal aesthetic results.

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What can FTM Top Surgery do for me?

If you've been living with breasts and are ready for transformation, FTM Top Surgery can help you break through. Our Boca Raton FTM Top Surgery patients can enjoy benefits like:

  • More masculine-looking chest area
  • Breasts no longer causing misgendering
  • Reverse symptoms of gender dysphoria
  • Improve overall emotional well-being
  • Avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of binding
  • Buy and wear the clothes you want

Am I a Candidate for FTM Top Surgery?

Chest masculinization is a good option for those who have already undergone some or full social gender transition and are ready to take the next step. Candidates should be in generally good health, non-smokers, and free from any serious or chronic conditions that might make healing difficult. Because of the nature and permanence of this procedure, patients should also be fully aware of the emotional and social implications.

Consultation and Preparation

During your consultation, Dr. Horn and his staff will be sure to make your comfort their top priority. Your aesthetic goals will be discussed in detail, along with your health history, and we will dive into any questions or concerns you may have. We will then create an FTM Top Surgery treatment plan with the goal of producing your desired results as safely and effectively as possible. This procedure typically requires lab work and possibly the adjustment of certain medications.


This surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts a few hours. Depending on your anatomy and preferences, Dr. Horn may use either a double incision, areolar incision, or a very small incision for liposuction. To perform the mastectomy, fat, skin, and tissue will be removed, and your chest will be sculpted into a masculine-appearing, aesthetically pleasing result.

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Coordinating Your Procedure

After a surgical plan has been created, Dr. Horn will refer you to a patient coordinator at his office with whom you will plan your Boca Raton FTM top surgery and learn more about the details of aesthetic procedures. Your patient coordinator will be provided with a treatment plan that reflects your requirements and surgical plan. Based on this information, your patient coordinator will be able to provide a surgery quote, which will include the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee, and the hospital fees.

Some of these fees will be based on how long the surgery is expected to take, which will be determined by Dr. Horn during your evaluation. Your patient coordinator will be there to walk you through every step of the pre-operative process, and guiding you through follow-up appointments with Dr. Horn.

During your visits with the patient coordinator, you will discuss things such as facility locations, financial details, pre-op, surgery and post-op schedule dates, how to prepare for your surgery, surgical clearance from your primary care physician (if applicable), pre-existing medical conditions, risks of smoking and drug use, downtime planning, post-op clothing plan (sports bra, etc) and financial policies.

Patient coordinators at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa are experts in the field of plastic surgery and are here to help you understand, prepare for and recover from your surgery safely and effectively. Dr. Horn and his staff are fully-trained and experienced in taking utmost care and consideration of every detail before, during and after your procedure. Through their guidance and professionalism, you are ensured to enjoy all the benefits of experiencing world-class breast augmentation at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Most patients can expect to be off work and recovering for about one to two weeks, and vigorous activity, including cardio or weight lifting, should wait at least six to eight weeks. Light, daily activities can typically be resumed after seven to ten days. Residual swelling may last for a few months until final results are revealed.

Why choose FTM Top Surgery with Dr. Horn?

Dr. Michael Horn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has completed over 10,000 breast augmentation procedures during his decades of experience, including FTM Top Surgery. His expertise in the field is unparalleled, and he is passionate about offering top-tier, compassionate patient care. Dr. Horn and his team prioritize achieving natural-looking results tailored to each patient's unique aesthetic goals. With superb technical skill, artistic finesse, and unwavering dedication to patient well-being, Dr. Horn is one of Boca Raton's premier plastic surgeons.

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